RMK Around the Bay - February Performance

7 pm, February 22, 2020
Zohar Dance, Mountain View


Robert Moses, Artistic Director

Philein Wang, Executive Director

Norma Fong, Rehearsal Director

Mary Carbonara, Public Relations

The Company

Crystaldawn Bell, Keryn Breiterman-Loader, Vincent Chavez, Jenna Marie Graves, Emily Hansel,
ArVejon Jones, Kaia Makihara, Elena Martins, Jordan Wanderer, Juliann Witt



Choreography: Robert Moses

Music: Robert Moses / PC Muñoz / The Heathens / Cesar Franck / Frédérick Chopin

Text and Poetry: Robert Moses

Text from interviews used by permission

Black Woman, Black Girl (2017)
Jenna Marie Graves

Burying Children (2017)
Jenna Marie Graves and Kaia Makihara

Crystaldawn Bell

21 Fully Realized Incomplete Thoughts (2016) - Excerpts
The Company

The Exceptionally Elderly Overweight Black Man Phoenix (2019) - Excerpts
The Company

Thick/Silt/Powder/Death (2015)
Crystaldawn Bell and Arvejon Jones

The Supplicant (1996) - Excerpts
Keryn Breiterman-Loader, Elena Martins, Jordan Wanderer, Juliann Witt

Doscongio (1996)
Kaia Makihara




The mission of Robert Moses’ Kin (RMK) is to produce art and opportunities for community, and further, to support what is specific and unique in our varied human natures. RMK is a platform for focused expressions on race, class, culture, belief, gender and aspiration . We use each as a medium through which we gain greater understanding of each other, and thereby  give voice to the existence of expanded possibilities and our fullest potential. The work is meant as a testament to expressiveness of the human body, birthed by the spirit. Further, concerns for the honor, dignity, truth and potential of real people are enshrined in RMK's mission. By working with multiple populations as individuals and in groups, RMK works to strengthen and blur lines that define and separate us. As an African American male, a father, a parent of two children of blended heritage, an educator, a dancer, a choreographer, a lover of the Bay Area, an intellectual explorer, Moses seeks to speak with the voices of his heritage, to uncover and use the full promise an historically informed African American aesthetic with a Afro-humanist fully Futuristic bent, to honestly, respectfully, and clearly tell tales that need to be heard.

This evenings work was made possible by grants from: the San Francisco Arts Commission, the Grants for the Arts, the Mellon Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the Logan family foundation.


We would also like to thank Michelle Branch, our fantastic Board of RMK and many generous individuals. 



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