Stanford University Feature: Robert Moses

Mar 7, 2016

When Robert Moses was a young member of Twyla Tharp Dance and ODC, he threw himself into performance with the spirit of an athlete. Today, his artistic life is less about performance, the “jumping over people’s heads,” and more about sharing—with himself, with students, with other dancers.

In addition to teaching at Stanford, Moses choreographs (recently for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater) and leads the San Francisco-based Robert Moses' Kin Dance Company. He also writes, makes films and composes music. The track heard here is his own.

That backstage work isn’t only about preparation for something public. It’s also about letting dance escape the ego, letting movement justify its own existence. “It’s satisfying to just be in there doing it,” Moses says, “the amazing, beautiful, wonderful things that nobody else will ever see.”

Bates Dance Festival 2015: Show and Tell

Jul 30, 2015

Robert Moses' Kin presents a "Show and Tell" lecture/demonstration at Bates College's Schaeffer Theatre.

Robert Moses' world premiere for Alvin Ailey American Dance Company

Dec 9, 2014

Award-winning choreographer Robert Moses’ first work for the Ailey company brings arresting visuals, a seductive score and sensual movement for ten dancers. His choreography has been described by The Huffington Post as “a visually delicious beast that never comes short of dazzling the senses.” Learn more:

Behind the Curtain: commission for Wylliams/Henry Dance Company


A look into the process of Robert Moses' 2014 commissioned work, "Heart Thieves", for Wylliams/Henry Dance Company.

Behind the Scenes of Robert Moses' "Draft" at the University of Washington

May 22, 2014

Draft is a performance project of Robert Moses' Kin launched in 2006. The dancers appearing on stage contributed to this rendition of Draft. The content of Draft is created in brief encounters with choreographer Robert Moses with the intention of extracting essential movement and the unique individuality of each artist. The resultant works are as different as they are celebrations of the communities in which they are performed.

In this rendition, Moses works with Seattle dancer students and graduates from UW and Cornish.

Video Credits
Producer: Bob Branom
Associate Producer: Austin Siedentopf
Videographer: Bruce Hutson
Editor: Bob Zat

The Boston Conservatory Presents "Winter. Dance!" (Robert Moses commission)

Feb 18, 2013

Under the artistic direction of Cathy Young, The Boston Conservatory Dance presents "Ezekiel's Wheel" by jazz dance choreographer Danny Buraczeski, "Light Rain" by Gerald Arpino, which was a signature work of the Joffrey Ballet for many years, and two new works choreographed specially for The Boston Conservatory by West Coast artist Robert Moses ("Wake") and faculty member Diane Arvanites ("Shadowed").

Aronoff Center Feature: Robert Moses' Kin

Mar 12, 2012

San Francisco's Robert Moses' Kin has "rocketed in national reputation,...gaining notice for Moses' fast and furious, streetwise, yet, eloquent style and his bold way of exposing the hypocrises of race and gender in America" (San Francisco Chronicle). 

In Fable and Faith, there is text that is both spoken and projected on the proscenium, floor, and the dancers' bodies as part of the lighting design. Collaborating playwright, Anne Galjour began her career as a children's storyteller and shares Moses' passion for the power of fable: "Cultural tales and legends represent the ideal, and maybe the divine, because their images and symbols speak to the soul."

Robert Moses' Kin Duet: Norma Fong and Brendan Barthel

Sep 11, 2009

Norma Fong and Brendan Barthel rehearse a duet with Robert Moses. The dancers talk about their relationship on and off the dance floor.

Robert Moses interview at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Sep 22, 2008

Robert Moses discusses his world premiere "Toward September" with Bay Area Now 5 artist Joanna Haigood at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Arthur Bruzzone/Comcast interview with Robert Moses


Choreographer Robert Moses founded Robert Moses' Kin in 1995 and since then has created numerous works of varying styles and genres for his highly praised dance company. Robert Moses creates dances that speak to our times: His work is a powerful combination of athletic technique, rhythmic complexity, a fusion of different dance styles, and gestural detail.

Arthur Bruzzone/Comcast
Host - Producer: Arthur Bruzzone
Co-Producer: Jon Bernstein

Robert Moses' collaboration with Youth Speaks: "Cause"

Sep 25, 2007

A collaboration with Robert Moses Kin and Youth Speaks. Hate is History is a piece that involves all participating poets and dancers in this amazing collaboration.

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