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The Kin Salon extends a gentle invitation to join fellow art enthusiasts at SF's Sheba Jazz Lounge in a reminder of exactly what makes us kin.

RMK at Presidio 1 April 2022 - Disenhof-1712_edited_edited.jpg
RMK at Presidio 1 April 2022 - Disenhof-1712_edited_edited.jpg

A donation to the Art Does That... 

campaign supports bringing art, dance, & strong voices to the forefront of our community.


Founded in 1995, San Francisco-based Robert Moses' KIN strives to produce dance works which speak to what is specific and unique in human nature. The company uses movement as the medium through which race, class, culture and gender are used to voice the existence of our greater potential and unfulfilled possibilities. 


Robert Moses' KIN celebrates over two decades of presenting dance as community service, engagement and inclusion, meeting our mission to hold humanity at its core. We use race, class, culture, and beliefs as mediums for focused expression. Please help us raise funds to support our artists.


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