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Contemporary classes from KINDance offer a special cohesiveness. Even as each individual teacher has their own unique style and approach, they all draw from their decades of experience dancing with and learning from Artistic Director and master teacher Robert Moses. By signing up for classes, you’re joining the next generation of KIN.

All classes are one hour long, offered on a pay-what-you can basis ($5, $10, or $15), and conducted on Zoom. To join a class, register using the links provided below. The Zoom meeting information will be sent to the email address you provided at checkout 10 minutes prior to the class. Please note that class registration closes 15 minutes before the class's start time. 


Live closed captioning is available for every class! Make sure to check the closed captioning box at checkout if you would like this option.


Sundays, 9-10am PST / 12-1pm EST: Afrofusion with Yeni Lucero

Yeni teaches Afro Urban and Traditional Technique fused with contemporary. She begins with drills and footworks to create a strong foundation and then builds phrases drawn from Afrobeats, Afrohouse, West African Dance Disciplines (predominantly from Senegal and Liberia) and Salsa Cubana (Timba). For those who wish to work on performance quality and presence, she also focuses on choreographic content and delivery. 

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Sundays, 10-11am PST / 1-2pm EST: Contemporary with Victor Talledos

Physically, mentally and artistically challenging, this contemporary class incorporates ideas from a variety of dance forms and techniques. We’ll work on rhythm, musicality, speed, precision and encourage dancers to explore their individual voices. Starting with a simple warm up to connect with our bodies, class will build up to a movement phrase that will allow dancers to move in an expansive and expressive way even with the space limitations that we might encounter. Ideal for Intermediate and Advanced Dancers.

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Mondays, 5-6pm PST / 8-9pm EST: Contemporary with Mary Carbonara

Ideal for new and returning dancers, Mary's class focuses on increasing range of motion, building strength and flexibility, musicality and stamina. Habits will be undone to find greater ease and bolder effort. With an emphasis on injury prevention, moving big in limited spaces and dancing longer, Mary Carbonara’s classes are based on the pedagogical methods of Master Teacher Lynn Simonson, and incorporate aspects of the Cunningham and Horton Techniques. The focus of each class is to help dancers build a solid and expressive technique through a clear articulation and progression of foundational alignment and movement principles. Students can expect to improvise and work with a variety of different music.

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Tuesdays, 3-4pm PST / 6-7pm EST: Contemporary with Elena Martins

Elena’s Contemporary class is great for the intermediate/advanced dancer. This one hour virtual class features a 30-minute follow along, full body warm-up, which focuses on technique and strength training. The remainder of the class is dedicated to fun and challenging phrase work, driven by music rather than counts, allowing dancers to work on the musicality of movement. These aspects culminate in students enjoying a complete and enriching dance experience. All movement is designed to fit in small spaces.

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Wednesdays, 9-10am PST / 12-1pm EST: Contemporary with Bliss Kohlmyer

Integrating and borrowing values from modern, post-modern, and classical traditions, this class is rooted in a very technical base, with an emphasis on precision and clarity. Nevertheless, the class unfolds in a way that allows for a sense of release. Bliss’ affinities for gestural intricacy, rhythmic complexity, articulation of the spine and other joints, and quick changes of weight result in a full-bodied and physically demanding class. The class will begin with a follow-me warmup and then will continue into phrase work that will be exhilarating and fun!

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Fridays, 9am-10am PST / 12-1pm EST: Contemporary with Katherine Wells

This contemporary class begins with an efficient, full body technical warmup that progressively incorporates groove as well as flow as a means to access your individual voice and instinct within the material. Katherine aims to provide a framework for you to sweat, laugh and DANCE fully and authentically as the class culminates in a challenging and dynamic phrase that you can dig your teeth into.

No class on Friday January 1

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Saturdays, 10-11am PST / 1-2pm EST: Contemporary with Cora Cliburn

Cora’s contemporary class focuses on re-centering and lengthening the body while finding ways to use and expand beyond our current unconventional dance spaces (from kitchens to grassy fields!). This class moves quickly through technical exercises to develop strength and energetic awareness, and culminates in a phrase exploring rhythm and groove in Robert Moses' unique vocabulary.

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