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A group of UC Long Beach students onstage. One dancer supports another who is arched backwards



We must build more intentional creative spaces that allow students to explore their authentic selves across multiple disciplines, so they can tell their stories and thrive within life's beautiful chaos. Students will investigate and uncover personal and collective histories/stories, and reimagine how those stories relate to each other and to our larger places in the world. Our role is to guide the students' creative process and exploration across multiple disciplines — with mindfulness, movement, music and creative storytelling/writing — and facilitate intentional space for them to empower themselves through their stories and tap into their divine spirit within. 

A graphic with a dancer and stars overlaid. Text reads: "Bootstraps: Lyric Legacies"


Robert Moses' KIN has reconstructed a collaborative educational and explorative outreach program called "Bootstraps: Lyric Legacies." Working with the Performing Arts Department of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), Booker T. Washington Community Service Center and Boys & Girls Club to craft and implement an intergenerational curriculum that allows elders, high schoolers and elementary school students, of all ability levels, to explore multiple artistic disciplines in order to foster connection to their authentic selves and to their community. The purpose of the workshops and curriculum is to uplift the voices and stories of all, with a focus on Black students of the diaspora and indigenous to this land and their stories. 


Workshops incorporate multiple disciplines; movement, music and storytelling/creative writing to create intentional space for students to tell their own cultural stories. Teaching artist teams of 2-3 work with predominantly BIPOC elders, high schoolers and/or elementary school students in underserved communities. Students of all ability levels will have access to explore their creative processes through multiple mediums and foster connection to their authentic selves, to one another and within their community. 


The RMK company visit workshops, while teaching artists also media document their students' creative processes so RMK can create movements inspired by the stories of students. At the end of every session, RMK performs the work for students and their communities. 


Bootstraps: Lyric Legacies Performances by Robert Moses' KIN

Saturday, December 3, 2022

2pm AND 4pm

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco
Don Fisher Clubhouse: 380 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94102


Bootstraps Lyric Legacies Performance graphic

Come and witness Robert Moses’ KIN perform for FREE on Saturday, December 3rd! The professional dancers of RMK will perform a world premiere for the company’s intergenerational educational program, Bootstraps: Lyric Legacies, and the general public. This new piece is created and inspired by the work the company has done with elementary schoolers, middle schoolers, high schoolers, and elders throughout the past year. Bootstraps: Lyric Legacies educational workshops facilitate exploration and creativity among students of all levels to help them foster a connection to their authentic selves and their community.

Throughout 2022, the professional teaching artists of Bootstraps: Lyric Legacies led workshops in multiple disciplines, including movement, music, and storytelling/creative writing. Teaching artist teams of 2-3 worked with approximately 145 students of all ability levels, predominantly BIPOC elders, high schoolers, middle schoolers, and elementary school students in underserved communities. The RMK dance artists also visited in person and studied video documentation of these workshops to create movements inspired by the stories of students. At the end of every session, RMK performs the work for students and their communities. 

2022 participating students represent Don Fisher Boys & Girls Club, Balboa High School, Carver Elementary, San Francisco Community School, Visitacion Valley Middle School, and elders (44 years old and up) at Booker T. Washington Community Service Center. You won’t want to miss this incredible performance influenced by the stories of these communities!

For more info, or if you're interested in having "Bootstraps" Workshops held at your SF community space or school, please contact Tine

Educational Program Coordinator: Christine Joy Amagan Ferrer (aka Tine)


Teaching Artists include: Jessica Marie Recinos, Manolo Davila, Pedro Gomez, Olivia Eng, Aimee Suzara, Carlos Gutierrez, Terrence Paschal,  Ricky “Malandro” Lawson, Noelle Campos and Tyler Holmes

RMK is currently hiring Multidisciplinary Teaching Artists to join the program! Click here to learn more.

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This program is funded by the "Storytelling and Narrative Shift for the Black Community in San Francisco" grant through the Human Rights Commission's new Dream Keeper Initiative (DKI).

Header photo: Robert Moses in process with students at Long Beach University

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