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DRAFT (2006) - Revised

Choreography by Robert Moses
Contributed Choreography by the Dancers
Original Music by Robert Moses
Video Direction by Robert Moses and Cora Cliburn
Danced by: Layla Amis, Tanya Bello, Brittany Brown Ceres, Missy Crawford, Margaret Cromwell, Kara Davis, Kerry Demme, Kaitlyn Ebert, Laura Elaine Ellis, Holly Fernandez, Steffany Forroni, Amy Foley, Emily Hite, Erica Rose Jeffery, Magdalena Jarkowiec, Maurya Kerr, Bliss Kohlmyer, Caitlin Kolb, Stephanie Koltiska, Angelina Nicole, Heidi Schweiker, Laura Serghiou, Laura Sharp, Raissa Simpson, Ashley Taylor, Katherine Wells, Fiona Wolstenholme, Kacey Wuff

Released May 31, 2020.

What is DRAFT? Since 2006, RMK has organized this program, which features the solo performances of collaborative community artists created in an intimate week-long workshop with Robert Moses. The intention of DRAFT is to extract essential movement and the unique individuality of each performer. The resultant works are as different as they are celebrations of the communities in which they are performed.



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