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The “It" of bodily exchange

A fit partner is a fait accompli, a committed, someone that understands the kind of ever renewed need that springs from satiation, someone that knows how emotional and spiritual work in concert with another’s body, bound as bodies are to this world as each are by limitation constitues a liberating act, that on the worst of days, in the most personal of ways partners work with a splendid excess. Together, we, at our best mount jewels of generosity into a setting of rapport, bind agreement to transition, and shift that experience into a bodies shedding moment un-abused by time. Partners commit to this, they affix incident to the slow grown accord of grace and exertion, until they become “it”, that observed, cultivated, unmolested - by others - freedom. In this way couple culture grows.

That culture becomes knowledge, the way through which a shared touch or look or sound or silence of what might be added to a moment becomes a signal of what is missing, of how what can’t be had by one - the perception of that moment - the tuned - “it” - of the moment - needs at least two to ring out. That instantly archaic tone, that ever present kiss never fades is a re-call the first or the softest, or the first wrong one. What we learn from it lasts. The moment of silence that comes with the kiss conveys meanings words can't, like a first moan, the knowledge is not a ball and chain attached the wheel of meaning, not cumbersome, it is of worth, it is a lesson learned. Those lessons communicate change minds , chill us , mystify , shift understanding, most importantly they in a frank, wet, soft, warm, wrong, right, first moment become culture. In one way or another truth and naivety, are necessary in the capturing culture and allow the replanting of it as if it were a pity plucked from our heart tossed in the world.

Our labors offer passes into the world of achievement - if everyone involved is tuned. The tuning must happen together but the path to acquisition need not be agreed to, only recognized. So recognition, achievement and tuning are tied by slip knot to agreement but if you are not in some way working with each of them, if you proceed alone, you are alone. Abandonment of your partner in a moment of selfish gratification or proficiency or execution alone are sub-suficient to tone, and do not measure up to togetherness. Value the practice of caring when working with others. When the practice of caring is unexplored or undervalued, a rapport will not develop, never lead to envelopments of sensations in fractions of moments that make themselves available to the next sensation, whether that be the awareness of heat when bodies separate from a supported lift or the comfort of the chorus of the simultaneous bound by company ethos. Dance is a shared sensual aesthetic act, not an exhibition. We need each other. Commitment in this community is proof of a principle of the whole growing the individual. It is also (at times) a sacrifice of the individual for a moment, only in the moment, when two things are actually one: the this is for me, this is for us moment. In all of this there is a real connection between being comfortable with someone else’s body and how we do, and don't feel about our bodies and our growth and attention with and to both.

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